Let Your Hair Do the Talking

Knowing how to choose the right shampoo according to your hair condition can be tricky. However, if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect hair care products, worry not as here’s something that might peak your interest. 

AROMASE is a scalp care brand that caters to the wide variety of scalp conditions. From focusing on scalp treatment to dandruff and hair problems such as greasy hair, hair loss as well as sensitive scalps, read on to find out why AROMASE deserves a spot on your bathroom shelf. We recently spoke to Deputy General Manager of AROMASE, Mimi Chien and Business Development Manager – Deanne Trading Sdn Bhd (MY Agent), Joanne Yeoh to learn more about the brand that was awarded Taiwan Excellence this year..

1Twenty80: Could you let us know what inspired you to come up with AROMASE?

In the past few years, we have learned from a scalp check that over 70 percent of people are suffering from scalp problems. This includes oily scalp, dandruff as well as sensitive scalp. With the database that we have, we decided to build AROMASE and provide people with the correct choice of care they need for their scalp. 

1Twenty80: Could you share with us more on the Research and Development that goes on behind the brand?

We’re focused on solving scalp condition problems. What makes our brand stand out is the fact that AROMASE works using innovative technology with no steroids included in any of our products. Instead, we use botanical ingredients that act as natural steroids to boost the overall health of your hair. One of the key ingredients found in our products is Glycyrrhetinic Acid that is extracted from liquorice and has been proven to effectively eliminate inflammation, decrease redness and kill bacteria. 

1Twenty80: Lastly, having received an award from Taiwan Excellence, what does this mean for AROMASE?

Receiving an award from Taiwan Excellence makes us feel so proud and overwhelmed. This gives us the validation we need to continue our journey as well as boost our confidence to move forward. The root of the spirit from the Taiwan Excellence award is not only for the innovations of products but also to help people live a better life today and tomorrow. So, it’s aligned with the mission of our company which is to inspire and brighten the world. Which is why we want to share this product to the world and help as many people as possible who are dealing with scalp conditions. 

Did you know?

As an initiative to protect our environment, AROMASE’s product bottles are made out of 100% recycled plastic.